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Mercy Needs Foundation — where “grassroots support” is no cliché. Our first $32,000 has been raised by lemonade stands, gift jars, bake sales and other similar efforts of caring people, providing what they can.

Our purpose is to help defray the cost of medical or accessibility equipment and services that improve the lives of individuals who are disabled. Your contribution will help give that better wheelchair to keep a paraplegic neighbor mobile, an electro-pulse walking aid to help Stella fight MS, a service dog to make 7-year-old autistic Christopher safe. Our goal is to create a caring, giving community, making life better and more livable for the disabled.

Other organizations may spend disproportionately on disease research. We give 100% of donations to provide actual services for actual needs. By personally reviewing every request, we seek to build a supportive relationship with those whose needs don’t fit the mold. As a 501c3 nonprofit, donations are tax-deductible.

Requisites for receiving aid from the Mercy Needs Foundation are as follows:

1. The applicant must have need of some specific service or medical equipment that would improve or make easier their otherwise disabled condition.

2. The applicant must be of low enough income that they cannot reasonably afford themselves the service in question, nor can their regular insurance provider, etc.

3. The applicant should be able to demonstrate the reality of the above two conditions – their income status and their earnest efforts to acquire funding by all other standard means.